Great Tips to Shoot Your Bow Better, Kill More Deer

Do you shoot your bow well? Do you hit targets where you want, group them well, have consistent accuracy and confidence at longer distances?

If not, then it’s time to dial it up a notch.

Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks offer some of their top tips for bowhunting, improving your shooting skills and how to kill more deer on this week’s episode of Deer Talk Now. Just a few tweaks to your bow gear and setup could make a big difference.

For example, Schmidt said his accuracy improved after he began using a drop-away arrow rest and top-quality arrows. Despite the financial investment for the arrows, such as the Carbon Express Maxima or Red arrows, they’ll last longer and give you more accuracy. Rucks offered the Mathews Focus grip as one of his top suggestions for a subtle tweak that could make a difference.

“Remember, smaller is better,” Rucks says, “If you really want good consistency, you really want very little of that grip touching your hand.”

Check out the show, and be sure to visit our archived Deer Talk Now shows anytime!


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