May 15 2012: Ted Nugent Unleashed!

As expected, the Motor City Madman didn’t hold back.

Ted Nugent, legendary rocker, hunter and diehard conservationist, spent more than 30 minutes on Wednesday’s inaugural “Deer Talk Now” discussing everything from his passion for hunting and the United States to his arrests and how he believes he’s being targeted.

Nugent has hunted and performed around the world for 50 years. He spent time with Deer Talk Now hosts Dan Schmidt and Brian Lovett.

“I was  raised in hunting family and am a lucky man,” he said. “My dad was a bowhunter when I was born in 1948. Fred Bear had left his imprint on him.  Dad was one of earliest bowhuners and when I was born … every kid loves slingshots, BB guns and bows-and-arrows. But it really imprinted on my psyche and I was a bowhunter when I could grasp a spoon.”

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