How to Be More Stealthy When You’re Deer Hunting

If you’re looking for a hand so you can enjoy your deer hunting lease more this season, watch this to find out about one of the coolest “parallel hybrid” utility vehicles on the market today: the Bad Boy Buggies Ambush iS.

With the Ambush iS you’ll get a combination of 2WD in gas or electric mode, or you can combine both drivetrains to run in 4WD. While you’re in the gas mode the battery is charging, so you’ll have quality time in the field instead of worrying about running out of juice.

The Ambush iS is roomy, comfortable and great for slipping around while deer hunting, turkey hunting, scouting and for deer camp or farm chores. Haul your gear, stuff to move or clean around stands, toss a deer in the back, chuck in a cooler for summer fun down by the pond, and then be ready when the season opens to quietly move around.

Check out this interview by Gordy Krahn of Deer & Deer Hunting at the 2015 SHOT Show about the Bad Boy Buggies Ambush iS.