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Gun Safety, Target Shooting Among Set Your Sights Events

Bass Pro Shops stores across the country will host “Set Your Sights” events featuring free firearms seminars covering optics and other accessories, conceal carry laws and equipment, target shooting, and gun care and safety.  These events, scheduled for April 25-27, also will offer free giveways and chances to win a Savage rimfire .22 LR rifle or...

Deer in Snow NPSphoto

Deer Feeding Ending, But Was It a Success?

The worst winter in more than a century, still lingering well into spring, has affected white-tailed deer and wildlife to the point that a hotly-debated supplemental feeding program was attempted to provide the animals some relief. The question is, will about $200,000 spent on the supplemental food distributed by volunteers help the deer or...

Ted Nugent still supports Mitt Romney, even though Romney is lying

Life Should Be a Series of Bullseyes

God I love my life! Never a dull moment I assure you. Still recuperating from and wallowing in the over the top happiness from the highest of highs of the greatest hunting season of my life, and continually testing myself each day with post double knee replacement surgery pain management, (OUCH!) I am now...

Must-See Giant Kentucky Bucks

How Can I Hunt Deer in Smaller Farm Areas?

Wide Open Wednesday is one of our most popular days on Deer Talk Now because that’s when you’re the star of the show. We enjoy “WOW” shows because your questions take the stage about how to hunt deer, and they’re good ones. How to hunt a specific area, when to go into a field...

According to cementum annuli aging, this Pennsylvania buck was 8½ years old when Wildlife Biologist Kip Adams (pictured with his daughter) shot him.
High hunter densities in the area typically prevent bucks from reaching half of that age, which makes it a truly special trophy.

Learn Food Sources for Better Whitetail Deer Hunting Success

  Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from that book. Certified Wildlife Biologist Kip Adams is extremely familiar with the Northern Woodland region. “This subgroup is one of my favorites thanks in part to my time spent as the Deer & Bear Biologist with the New Hampshire...

Joe Rood Waitin on a Droptine

Weekend Tunes: Waitin’ on a Droptine

Ready to get fired up for the weekend with a little deer hunting tune? Check out Joe Rood of Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys singing “Waitin’ on a Droptine.” It was filmed and produced by Venture Creations and Michigan Whitetail Pursuit. Have a good one! +++ First with the facts. Subscribe to Deer & Deer...