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Deer Talk Now

Deer Talk Now: Modern Sporting Rifles, Crossbows and More

There’s a changing of the guard with interest in crossbows, handguns, modern sporting rifles and new optics continuing to grow.Can the traditionalists and new wave get along? Sure, with a few potholes, of course. Find out more in this episode of Deer Talk Now with longtime hunter and industry veteran Mark Sidelinger.

A would-be ESOS attendee burns a free ticket to the show in support of the Second Amendment following show promoter Reed Exhibitions' decision to ban AR-style rifles and accessories.

BREAKING NEWS: NRA, Mossberg, NWTF Pull Out of Harrisburg Show

The list continues to grow with companies, individuals and other vendors withdrawing from the annual Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania with less than 10 days to the event’s scheduled opening. By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Known as “the Harrisburg show,” the ESOS is one of the largest and most popular expos in...