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Whitetail-Mule deer hybrids are often distinguished by their tail, among other characteristics.

Hybridization: A Tail of Whitetails and Mule Deer

Throughout history, crossbreeds have fascinated us. Many of our monsters are a mixture of man and beast (werewolves, Dracula, Moth- man). Likewise, consider our heroes: Spiderman, Batman and Cat Woman. This trend is not a recent Hollywood construction; the “Minotaur” of Greek mythology was a creature that was half man and half bull. Even...

DEER  Man sneaks up on buck and touches

WATCH: Incredible Video of a Deer Hunter and Massive Buck

We don’t throw around the “incredible” platitude too often but this video pretty much qualifies for that category if you were to try to describe it to someone. Seriously, how could it not be? A deer hunter, a massive buck and even with probably the wind in his face and the buck’s hiding spot...

Utah's biologists are keeping an eye on state mule deer populations this winter.
(Photo: Brent Stettler)

Foundation Donates $1.1M for Habitat, Research Projects

The Mule Deer Foundation is providing more than $1.1 million for habitat projects and mule deer research in Utah, a record amount a wildlife conservation group has contributed in a single year to the Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative. The money is generated from the sale of Utah Conservation Permits (Governor’s Tags) and money raised from the 200...

Rev Zeke Pipher of Nebraska with his great buck. He's a regular contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting, so look for him on the back page of each issue.

Survey Flights Show Significant Increase in White-Tailed Deer

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has completed the third year of a five-year aerial survey of mule deer in the Pine Ridge of northwestern Nebraska. The survey, which covers eight subunits with the most suitable mule deer habitat within the Pine Ridge deer management unit, indicated a decrease in the overall mule deer...

Utah's biologists are keeping an eye on state mule deer populations this winter.
(Photo: Brent Stettler)

Biologists Keeping Close Eye on Deer This Winter

Snow and cold temperatures have blanketed the places mule deer live in Utah, bringing biologists with the state’s Division of Wildlife Resources out in force. As they do every winter, biologists are monitoring the state’s deer herds closely. If conditions get too severe, the biologists are prepared to feed the deer specially designed pellets. The...

DDH TV co-host Mark Kayser and a western mule deer buck he toppled testing the new Hornady ELD-X bullet. (Photo copyright Mark Kayser)

Kayser Scores on Super Buck Testing New Bullet from Hornady

Sometimes you get lucky and receive an invitation to hunt a premiere property. D&DH TV co-host Mark Kayser received just that and was on the hunt in western South Dakota for either a prairie whitetail or a tall-tined muley. After several days of hunting Kayser couldn’t believe the number of mature deer he encountered...

Declining numbers of mule deer have organizations, state agencies and hunters concerned about future population growth.

What Deer Showed Up Where it Shouldn’t Have Been?

When it comes to wildlife there are few genuine surprises, so when a mule deer showed up where it usually isn’t seen it caused quite a stir. Michael Houx spotted what he thought was a caribou while driving near Eielson Air Force Base in mid-September. But then the lifelong Alaskan native took a long, hard...

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Daydreaming of Bowhunting Wyoming Whitetails

Although my whitetail adventures will begin later this month in southern Florida for their rut (yeah, go figure!), I’m already daydreaming about bowhunting northeast Wyoming once again with Ralph Dampman of Trophy Ridge Outfitters. I’ve hunted with Ralph on two other occasions and must say his part of the world is unrivaled when it...

Mule Deer death fight1

Graphic Video: Giant Bucks Fight to the Death

It’s not often that hunters get to see a true fight to the death between two giant bucks, but maybe even more rare that it’s caught on video for everyone else to see. Big hat tip to Muley Bull Outfitters for this cool video they captured on the famed Arizona Strip. These truly impressive...