Kandi Kisky

Ground Blind Tips from the Holy Land of Whitetails

  Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from that book. It’s the holy land of whitetail hunting – the South-Central Plains Region. Stretching from the southern half of Minnesota down to Mexico, this territory undoubtedly accounts for more Booners than any other region. It’s in the heart...

Big Buck

Deer Hunting Seasons Set For Razorback Hunters

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission set the state’s deer hunting seasons for 2014-15, with modern gun deer season opening Nov. 8, archery season opening Sept. 27, and muzzleloader season opening Oct. 17. The deer season dates are part of the 2014-15 general hunting regulations approved during the Commission’s monthly meeting. Season dates for...