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New: DeerHunter.TV Offers Free Online Deer Hunting TV Shows

IOLA, Wis. and NEW YORK – Deer & Deer Hunting, America’s first and foremost whitetail hunting source, and Sportsrocket, a leading provider of custom media solutions to the sports industry, today announced the launch of DeerHunter.TV, a robust, multiplatform digital TV channel offering free-to-watch online deer hunting and outdoors video content. DeerHunter.TV is available...

A before-and-after comparison of maps with the OnXMaps technology that provides more information for your traveling and hunting. Studying maps, whether paper or online, of public land may give you a greater understanding of where to consider hunting.

Hot Gear: Cut Scouting Time in Half with OnXMaps

Everyone understands that a successful hunt is often the result of good scouting and preparation. But that all takes times which is usually at a premium. Let technology help. Save time by downloading the HUNT App to a smartphone or tablet and scouting potential hunting spots quickly and efficiently from home. Save the maps,...


Hot Gear: Ranew’s Hanging Judge Gambrel

When all your hard work scouting and hunting finally pays off and you put a trophy deer on the ground, you immediately wonder how much that deer actually weighs. With the new Ranew’s Outdoors Hanging Judge Gambrel with Scale, you can take the guesswork out of recording the weight of the deer you kill on your...

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Six Venison Chili Recipes You Should Try This Season

Mmmm, can you think of many things to eat during hunting season that are better than a steamin’ hot bowl of deer chili? It’s tough to do, I know. As much as we love burgers, roasts, slow-cooked anything and smoked sausages, the greatness of deer chili is hard to argue against. There are so...

Hunters typically go through different stages during their lives, from wanting to shoot just about anything to mellowing out and enjoying the experience.

Where Are You Among the Five Stages of a Hunter?

While doing a little poking around yesterday for an upcoming story, I needed to find the information below and after doing so realized it’s always a good idea for a refresher. By Alan Clemons, Southern Managing Editor This “Five Stages of a Hunter has been kicked around since about the mid 1980s following some...

Sabrina Simon TenPoint Wicked Ridge Raider CLS NAP Spitfire

10 Things You Need to Know About Crossbows

Crossbows, by design, are not that complicated. In the simplest terms, a crossbow is nothing more than a smaller vertical bow attached to a stock. However, there are certain aspects of crossbows that must be fully understood before heading afield.

Post-season scouting is the best time to find trails and bedding and feeding areas, so you can plan accordingly for next season.

Making the Move from Rifle to Crossbow

Fate’s whimsy introduced me to the crossbow. Last November I was a guest at the Hixon Land and Cattle Ranch near Catulla, Texas, invited by Steve Hall, Hunter Education Coordinator for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, to participate in the 2015 IHEA-USA Heritage Hunt. Shooting a crossbow was one of the activities at...


Hot Gear: Mossy Oak Can-Am Defender

The all-new Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition side-by-side vehicle has been purpose built with factory-installed extras to appease the needs of modern hunters and outdoorsmen. Dressed with its exclusive water-dipped Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo finish, the Mossy Oak Hunting Edition HD10 package is the direct result of joint effort from Can-Am and Mossy...


Popular Movie Character Still Firing Hoyt Bow

Hunters and 3D or target shooters keenly watch movies for accuracy and brands, and the interest in the latest big screen show from Marvel Studios is no exception. In Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers character Hawkeye returns to the group with a GameMaster II bow used to fling arrows at the villains. “In the...

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Hot Gear: Hit the Mark With the Halo XL450

Regardless of how much practice one puts in at the range or the type of firearm, bow or crossbow one carries into the field, no other single variable plays a greater role in hunting success than knowing the actual distance to the downrange target. At best, just a few yards of misjudged distance can...