Christmas in July

Save Big Bucks to Hunt Bucks with Christmas in July!

  Wow! It’s Christmas in July and you can get some fantastic savings at on hunting gear, cookbooks, digital downloads for food plots and hunting strategy, clothing, calendars and much more! Be sure to visit and start browsing all the great deals!

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Ethics and Long-Range Shooting: When is a Shot too Far?

This article is an excerpt from… Gun Digest Book of Long-Range Shooting, 2nd Edition Get the most recent advances in guns and gear to extend your range for hunting, informal target shooting, and formal competition. Discover new tools for long-range shooters both in the field and on the firing range, with coverage of new...

Gordy Krahn believes the Whitetail Behavior DVD is a super instructional tool for any hunter.

Gordy Krahn’s Pick of the Day: DDH 2015 Whitetail Calendar

  If you’re geared toward planning and organization when it comes to deer hunting, you definitely should take a hard look at the fantastic Deer & Deer Hunting 2015 Whitetail Calendar. It’s jammed with information and you’ll love it if: You want to know when the 2015 rut will peak, You want to plan your vacation...

DDH Calendar Collection 2015

DDH Pick of the Day: Black Friday in July!

Woohoo! It’s Black Friday in July! Black Friday usually is in autumn after Thanksgiving, that day-after “sales” day when retail stores and online sites turn into something akin to rugby match among 12-year-olds who have been chugging Red Bull. Be sure to use the code BFJULY40 to pick up 40 percent savings on almost...

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Gun Digest 70th Edition Hot off the Presses

Firearm enthusiasts and shooting sportsmen everywhere will recognize Gun Digest 2016 as the leading source for information on the latest guns and related gear. The 70th Edition is better than ever, with entertaining articles by some of the top names in gun and outdoor writing covering all categories of rifles, handguns and shotguns. It’s...


Lee Lakosky’s Pick of the Day: Clover, and Hunting Mature Whitetails

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky are known throughout the deer hunting world as masters at managing properties for huge bucks. According to Lee, his magic bullet is the same lucky charm of the Irish — clover. “People ask me all the time,” Lakosky told Deer & Deer Hunting. “If you could put in one all-around plant...

Ted and Caeden work on his form which looks pretty doggone good!

Walk the Trails of Yesteryear to Optimize Future Hunts

I slowly cruised the family sedan down old Grand River Avenue approaching Lahser Drive on the outskirts of Detroit, my head spinning with a flurry of dynamic images and memories of my bow and arrow youth in the old neighborhood. By Ted Nugent “There!” I pointed excitedly! “Right there! That’s where Millers Feed Store...

DTN Buck Dispersal

Deer Talk Now: Secrets Revealed About Buck Dispersal

What do you think about this idea: If you have a bunch of bucks on your property and don’t shoot any of them during the season, won’t you stockpile them for the next season and have more bigger bucks? Makes sense, eh? In this first part of a two-part series of Deer Talk Now, host...

Getting the right boots that fit, are warm and keep you comfortable are important no matter where you hunt.

How to Buy the Right Hunting Boots

It’s pretty simple: if your feet are wet, cold or hurting then you’re going to be a disappointed puppy trying to hunt a deer, no matter how tough you are or think you are. That’s why buying the right hunting boots is pretty darn important. Deer seasons are about to open this month in...