Articles about whitetail deer hunting for hunters in states including Maine, New York and other New England states.


Wildlife Commissions Discussing a Merger?

When state agencies start talking about merging, especially those involving wildlife and fisheries, folks tend to take notice. A Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee has released a report about a merger between the state’s Fish and Boat Commission and Game Commission. The last formal discussions were about 11 years ago. Nothing is finalized or...


Heading Out With a Cooler? Pack it Wisely!

With spring and summer comes travel to youth sporting events, family outings, the beach, 3D archery contests, maybe a NASCAR race or some hot but enjoyable work weekends at camp. You’ll need a cooler and plenty of ice to keep your items cold. Without it you’ll have hot water and sodas, spoiled food and...

Chronic Wasting Disease is fatal to deer and now is in more than two dozen states and Canadian provinces.

CWD Found in Deer in Previously Uninfected Area

Officials have discovered chronic wasting disease in yet another deer but in a previously unaffected area, and are awaiting the test results from about 2,500 other deer to see if the fatal disease is found anywhere else. Officials with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture discovered through tests that a deer on a deer farm...

New Jersey youth deer hunter

I Could Have Faked my Deer Survey Answers, But Didn’t

Whack! Another deer hit by a vehicle. Deer munching flowers and gardens. Deer getting squirrelly during the breeding season and running through neighborhoods, playgrounds and around town. Deer, basically, being deer, but with a lot of humans around. It’s not a new problem. But some officials in New Jersey are trying to get some...

Man on ATV1

With Neighbors Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

You think deer hunting is competitive where you hunt? Check out this incredible video clip of what one Pennsylvania hunter encountered a few years ago. We’ve all been there: It’s opening day of gun-hunting season, and we’re excited to be out in the deer woods. Ah, but if you’re hunting a highly populated state...

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Great Tips to Shoot Your Bow Better, Kill More Deer

Do you shoot your bow well? Do you hit targets where you want, group them well, have consistent accuracy and confidence at longer distances? If not, then it’s time to dial it up a notch. Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks offer some of their top tips for bowhunting, improving your shooting skills and how...