Articles about whitetail deer hunting for hunters in states including Maine, New York and other New England states.

Tammy McKnight dropped this Indiana buck with her muzzleloader. Congrats!

More Women Owning Guns for Hunting, Target Shooting

Encouraging news is emerging about the increase in women who are purchasing and using firearms for self-defense, recreational, sporting and hunting uses. A report by the National Shooting Sports Foundation was released Wednesday at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas indicates that women are the fastest-growing segment in the shooting sports industry. The...

Ernie French with Thompson  Center shows how the rifle's action works. (DDH Photo: Darren Warner)

SHOT Show 2015 Muzzleloaders: The Best Bang for Your Buck

There’s a stiff breeze in my face, and the flighty 8-pointer is standing broadside 125 yards away. Did I select the right charge combination to get the job done? If you’re like me, you’ve ruminated over muzzleloader charges, tinkering time and time again to come up with the right configuration There’s no better place...

Cuddeback Black Flash E3

2015 Best New Game Cameras: Faster Triggers, Video

Live from the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the Deer & Deer Hunting team is scouring the floors of the massive Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade event where some of the best deer hunting gear for 2015 is making its debut this week. When it comes to game cameras, deer hunters and land...


Rubs: The Whitetail’s Communication Hub

Humans learn by seeing. Deer do, too. When a hunter comes upon a big rub, his heart skips a beat. When a whitetail buck encounters a rub of any size, it has different thoughts. Our excitement has to do with hunting possibilities. A buck’s has to do with identifying who made the rub, because...

turkey chili

3 Easy, Fantastic Venison Chili Recipes to Make Now

Winter’s here, no doubt, and with the possibility of some nastier weather hitting the northeast and west this week it’s not a bad idea to whip up some venison chili. A hearty bowl of chili, some crusty garlic bread or cornbread, and whatever spicy hot sauce you may want to add … mmmm, mmmm....

Ted with great buck

The Happiest American Dreamer the World has Ever Known

Stay with me here. I know my overworked hands and fingers and fatigued mind, body, spirit, soul and sacred temple can do this. It doesn’t really take all that much effort and energy to type simple words on my smoldering, abused laptop, and I know I’m up for the task at hand. Fueled by...