Articles about whitetail deer hunting for hunters in states including Maine, New York and other New England states.

INNOVATION  Winners choice bowstrings

D+DH Innovation Zone: Winner’s Choice Bowstrings

This week we take a look at Winner’s Choice premium bowstrings. They are made of the very best materials available and built using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. The result is a bowstring that is second-to-none when it comes to durability and performance. Deer & Deer Hunting’s Daniel Schmidt explains why increasingly more bowhunters are switching to...

GEAR1  Wicked Ridge Warrior G3

Hot Gear: Warrior G3 is Affordable, Ready for Deer Hunting

Wicked Ridge Crossbows, regarded by many as the industry’s best value for the money, introduced its new Warrior G3 crossbow in January at the 2016 ATA Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.. The Warrior G3 features a new stock assembly focused on weight reduction and enhanced safety along with a narrower, lighter, and faster bow...

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Hot Gear: Best Mosquito Control for Deer Hunting

The latest in Thermacell’s campaign to rid your hunt of mosquitoes and other biting insects is the Scout Camp Lantern. This is yet another outstanding product from Thermacell to receive the full endorsement from the Deer & Deer Hunting crew, and it earns it for two good reasons. First, this lantern pulls double duty...

GEAR  DDH Knives

Make Room for Your Favorite Deer Hunting Knife

If you’re a fan of quality knives, you’ll love this hand-crafted version made exclusively for Deer & Deer Hunting by American Knife Company. This strong, custom knife has a classic design with a modern twist on an old favorite of deer camps across North America. Micarta handles offer a firm grip in slippery conditions common to bad weather, field dressing,...

INNOVATION  Delta McKenzie Mo Foam target

D+DH Innovation Zone: Delta McKenzie Mo’ Foam Archery Target

The best archery targets take a ripping and keep on ticking! That’s the case with the new Mo’ Foam Shot Blocker target from Delta McKenzie. Gary Cornum explains the differences in this cool all-everything target that takes everything (even broadheads!) and its competitors. D+DH Innovation Zone, Season 1, Episode 33. Original air date: July 15,...

Browning Recon Force Full HD Platinum Series cameras have great features to help you keep up with deer and other game.

Hot Gear: Updated Trail Cameras Hit Home Run

For the 2016 hunting season if you’re looking to hit a home run with your trail cameras, Browning Trail Cameras has taken its “best of the best” high-end cameras and made them even better. For 2016, the Platinum Series Recon Force FHD trail cameras have been equipped with a series of new features. The first...