Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Ted Nugent: Take a Newcomer Along this Hunting Season

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO TED’S CLASSIC BABY PLEASE DON’T GO   By Ted Nugent Ultra-Hi-velocity American BloodBrother greetings once again my Deer&DeerHunting friends from the indefatigable Nugent hunting addicted SpiritZone campfire. And what a blazing campfire it is! Mine smells like meat! Yours? It only took me a single morning to escape the brutal...


First Graders Get the OK for Gun Safety Courses

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation giving schools the option to teach a gun safety course sponsored by the National Rifle Association. The new law does not mandate that schools teach the NRA’s successful Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program courses, taught to about 1 million children each year. But the legislation paves the way...