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What is an Online Course?

Deer & Deer Hunting‘s Online Courses are downloadable seminars from hunting’s top minds. The Online Courses are recorded live online and made available for you to download.

Once on your computer, the Online Course plays as a Powerpoint-style presentation, complete with audio and video. The expert will discuss a specific topic, and also answer questions from attendees of the live Online Course.

Each Online Course is roughly one hour long.

“I guarantee the information contained in these Online Courses will teach you valuable insights about deer behavior and hunting tactics. They will also make you a better hunter — no matter how many seasons you have spent in the woods.”

Daniel E. Schmidt
Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting

What Viewers Are Saying

“There really is no need to go through life learning everything the hard way. These folks gave me more real useable information in an hour than I got in the last 10 years standing around the campfire.” – Stephen M. “I think the courses are fantastic. I’ve picked up a few very valuable tips I have never come across in my 40 or so years of deer hunting.” – Glenn S. “I have to say that the online course last night was the best $13 I ever spent in regards to hunting deer.”– Javier G.


Sample Full Online Courses for FREE

Sample entire Online Courses for free. We’re sure you’ll find these two informative and fun to watch.

Off-Season Tactics: Your Archery To-Do List

Hosts: D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt, D&DH Publisher Brad Rucks

Shed Hunting 101

Host: Joe Shead, D&DH contributor


Download Online Courses

Online Courses available for $9.99 each. Once downloaded, they are yours to enjoy as many times as you like.


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Hunting Pressured Bucks
Host: Dan Schmidt, D&DH editor
Download >> Watch Preview >>
Outside-the-Box Thinking
For Bigger Bucks

Host: Les Davenport,
field editor
Outside the box online course


Download >> Watch Preview >>


Food Plot Management
Host: Matt Harper, biologist

Download >>
Watch Preview >>
Big Bucks: Identifying
and Shooting Your Largest Bucks

Host: Dan Schmidt, D&DH editor
Download >> Watch Preview >> 
Advanced Trail Camera Tactics
Host: Brad Rucks, D&DH publisher
Download >> Watch Preview >>
How to Kill Big Bucks
From the Ground

Host: Marc Anthony

How to kill big bucks from the ground Online Course Download >> Watch Preview >>
Finding Mature Bucks on
Public Property

Host: Jacob Edson, D&DH
managing editor

Download >> Watch Preview >>
Three Forages You Can Plant
Now & Still Hunt This Fall

Host: Matt Harper, biologist

Download >> Watch Preview >>
Venison Wisdom: Secrets
For Success in the Kitchen

Host: Tracy Schmidt, author
Venison Wisdom

Download >> Watch Preview >> 
The Complete Guide to Mineral

Host: Matt Harper,
The Complete Guide to Mineral Sites Download >> Watch Preview >> 
10 Mistakes to avoid with
Food Plots

Host: Brad Rucks,
D&DH publisher
10 mistakes to avoid Download >> Watch Preview >> 
Creating Dynamic
Hunting Plots

Host: Neil Dougherty,
mangement expert
Creating Dynamic Hunting Plots
Download >> Watch Preview >> 
How to Perfect Your
Low Impact Approach

Host: John Eberhart,

Low-Impact Approach Download >> Watch Preview >> 
Using Landforms to Kill Whitetails
Host: Jacob Edson, D&DH Managing Editor
Download >>

Watch Preview >>
Advanced Tree Stand Hunting Tactics
Host: Steve Bartylla, D&DH contributor
Download >>Watch Preview >>


Rattling and Calling Secrets
Host: Bob Zaiglin, D&DH contributor
Download >>Watch Preview >>