Can a twig or small limb affect your bullet's flight?

Follow This Checklist to Beat Buck Fever

Most hunters have experienced buck fever. If you ever watch deer hunters on television, you have seen them breathless, shaking and almost out of control. When you have to thread an arrow through a tight spot or put a bullet in a small opening a long way off, buck fever is the last thing...


8 Tips For Beating Buck Fever

With bow seasons kicking off in many Midwestern and Northern states, archers are hitting the woods across the country with loads of saved up anticipation. Excitement is what we’re all after. However, it can also cause us to foul up at the moment of truth. Buck fever, though, can be beat! Use these simple...


How Venison Spoils

The key to obtaining top-quality venison starts the very moment you pull the trigger or release an arrow. By Dr. Phillip Bishop The first deer I ever took with a bow and arrow was shot just before dark. I was shooting a fiberglass recurve in those days because compounds were an expensive new development...


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Big Bucks from 2010

Some of you have recently reported suspicious phone calls or offers in the mail to renew your subscription to Deer & Deer Hunting.

Your uneasiness may be justified. While still rare, fraudulent mailings and phone calls are increasing. We have confirmed that unauthorized parties are attempting to represent themselves...

June 2010 Issue

Has the QDM bubble burst? It's just one of the many intriguing topics up for discussion in the June 2010 issue of Deer & Deer Hunting.

October 2009 Issue

Why is CORN a four-letter word? This could change the way you think about this common deer feed. The October 2009 issue of Deer & Deer Hunting will explain everything.