Alsheimer Deer and Deer Hunting

Alsheimer: Big Bucks Already Displaying Rut-Related Behavior

By Charles J. Alsheimer Now that the peak period of antler growth is winding down, testosterone levels are ramping up. With that comes a host of rut-related behaviors. As July gives way to August bucks will scent-check a doe’s urine to determine her estrous status, and mature bucks will start to exhibit more dominant behavior...

Alsheimer deer and deer hunting

Alsheimer: Developing Fawns Grow More Independent

By Charles J. Alsheimer Whitetail bucks aren’t the only ones growing by leaps and bounds during the warm summer months. By the time a fawn enters its second month of life it begins transitioning toward adulthood. At six to eight weeks of age fawns have become much more mobile and independent than the first few...

Charlie Alsheimer

Charlie Alsheimer’s Insights on Deer Behavior

Veteran hunter and researcher Charlie Alsheimer has observed white-tailed deer for more than 40 years, and some of his findings are interesting. He’s watched deer from birth to death, seeing the behaviors, interactions and more. Check out his insights on the latest Deer Talk Now to learn more about our favorite game animal.


Alsheimer: Peak Period for Buck Antler Growth

By Charles J. Alsheimer In my June 6 and June 20 blogs I shared with you a specific buck’s antler growth (150-inch-class buck). Today’s photo shows what he looked like on July 1. As you can see his antler size has made a dramatic jump since June 15, and in the next few weeks his...

Alsheimer deer and deer hunting

Alsheimer: Don’t Forget Natural Deer Foods

By Charles J. Alsheimer The role of natural habitat is often overlooked by hunters. It shouldn’t be. Throughout the summer months whitetails consume 6 to 10 pounds of leaves each day from preferred browse species, forbs and agricultural offerings.  In some areas of the whitetail’s range its diet can be made up of over 500...

C.Alsheimer 00992-00511S June 15

Alsheimer: Whitetail Antler Growth is Speeding Up

By Charles J. Alsheimer Now that we’ve reached the longest day of the year antler growth will explode throughout the whitetail’s range. In my blog entry two weeks ago I showed a photo of a mature buck’s antler growth on June 1st.  The accompanying photo shows that same buck photographed again on June 15th. As you can see, the...


Alsheimer: Year’s First Deer Fawns are Hitting the Ground

This is the first installment of a new weekly blog here at by photographer Charles J. Alsheimer, Deer & Deer Hunting’s behavior expert. Charlie has been contributing to D&DH for all but two years of its existence. His first article appeared in the magazine in Summer 1979. He is widely considered to be...