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Big Bucks, Shed Antlers & Turkey Hunting

  Have you ever asked yourself this question while scouting in the winter or looking for shed antlers in spring: Can deer tracks reveal the sex of an individual deer? Hunters often disagree about whether it’s possible to identify a deer’s sex by looking at its tracks. However, some experienced hunters believe it is...

wolf hunting season

Wolves and Deer Hunters: A New Year

Following last month’s announcement that gray wolves will return to state management in the northern Great Lakes on Jan. 27, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced today that a limited gray wolf hunting and trapping season is being planned for late 2012. This is a hot-button topic for deer hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife managers alike. However, it...

The Culling Myth Exposed

Many private-land deer managers across North America encourage their hunters to weed out small-antlered yearling bucks. Can this practice actually improve a herd's antler quality?