Charles Alsheimer Photo Shows Rubbing in Winter

Alsheimer: Buck Rubs Continue in Winter

I was recently sent an email that described some of the deer behavior the writer was seeing now that his northern deer season is over. In it he was wondering why he was now seeing a number of fresh rubs in his hunting area. For starters whitetail rutting behavior does not end when peak...

Bucks will still rub late season, though not nearly at their rut-time levels. (Photo copyright Charles J. Alsheimer)

Alsheimer: Bucks Still Rub After Breeding is Done

By the end of December northern bucks have pretty much lost interest in does, so their desire to breed is a thing of the past. One rutting behavior that is tough for bucks to turn off is rubbing. In spite of decreased testosterone levels bucks will make rubs until they cast their antlers. However,...