Buck Raking Dead Tree

Keep Buck Home Range Sizes in Mind

Hunting pressure during the rut won’t change a mature buck’s core area, but it will change how and when they use it. The more pressure that is out there, the more nocturnal a buck will become. By Daniel E. Schmidt The important point to remember is this: When you’re chasing an adult buck, you...

December can mean a 'second rut' in northern climates, which might include larger doe fawns. (Photo copyright Charles J. Alsheimer)

Alsheimer: ‘Second Rut’ Offers Second Chance at Bucks

In fine-tuned deer herds, the majority of breeding will be over by the time December’s recovery period is in full swing.  However, on good whitetail range where the herd is healthy and the fawns of the season are large enough, some December breeding will occur. In my area of western New York, many doe...


Tips for Hunting the Whitetail Deer Rut

Story by Bill Vaznis Let’s face the facts. The vast majority of whitetails are shot more or less by accident. Every couple of years or so, we real-world hunters get lucky and have a buck suddenly materialize under our tree stand or pop out in front of us as we walk nonchalantly back to...