Deer Hunting Tip: Call Your Way Out of the Lock-Down Phase

The lock-down phase is something bowhunters likely experience every season. It coincides with the peak of breeding, when the greatest number of bucks and does are paired up. Most pairs spend much of the day in their beds, so this is one of the most challenging times to kill a good buck during the...

Deer hunters should always remember — always — that one man's trophy may not be the same as another, but it's still a trophy to him.

Keep Buck Home Range Sizes in Mind

Hunting pressure during the rut won’t change a mature buck’s core area, but it will change how and when they use it. The more pressure that is out there, the more nocturnal a buck will become. By Daniel E. Schmidt The important point to remember is this: When you’re chasing an adult buck, you...


Tips for Hunting the Whitetail Deer Rut

Story by Bill Vaznis Let’s face the facts. The vast majority of whitetails are shot more or less by accident. Every couple of years or so, we real-world hunters get lucky and have a buck suddenly materialize under our tree stand or pop out in front of us as we walk nonchalantly back to...