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Smart Summer Deer Scouting Now

Smart Summer Deer Scouting NOW!

The hunt doesn't start when the season opens — it starts much earlier in the year. Now is when we should be in hunting mode, checking out this year's crop of whitetails, figuring out their habits and quirks, identifying the bucks that we want to pursue, and developing a strategy so...

Tips for Deer Hunting in Hot Weather

Proven Tips for Deer Hunting in Hot Weather

Hunting during hot weather presents difficult challenges for whitetail hunters. It also offers advantages that can increase your chance of success. Editor Gordy Krahn has a bunch of outstanding tips for hot-weather hunting, including how to stay free of ticks and bugs.

New Odor-Destroying Hunting Gear from ScentLok

New for 2018, OZ Active Odor-Destroyers by ScentLok are designed to reactivate activated carbon garments and deodorize other gear and accessories, while also keeping the environments around hunters and their gear as odor-free as possible.