scent control

New Odor-Destroying Hunting Gear from ScentLok

New for 2018, OZ Active Odor-Destroyers by ScentLok are designed to reactivate activated carbon garments and deodorize other gear and accessories, while also keeping the environments around hunters and their gear as odor-free as possible.

The Best Tips for Scent Control and Tree Stand Placement

Ever wonder how some successful hunters seem to find the perfect location for a treestand or blind and always see or kill deer? It’s not just luck. Smart hunters know how to study the terrain, wind conditions and deer movements, and then plan accordingly. They’re also careful about scent control, which...

Six Hunting Tips for Better Scent Control

Like a kid at Christmas, it was hard to hide my juvenile excitement as the UPS truck was backing into my driveway. Everybody loves getting things in the mail, and I was especially excited for this package. This season’s ScentBlocker order was sure to not disappoint. I am a loyal scent...