Whitetail Buck Deer (Photo by NPS)

Speed Talk! Twenty Deer Hunting Questions Answered!

Deer Talk Now wanted your questions about deer and deer hunting, and the response was overwhelming with great ideas! In this latest episode of Deer Talk Now, the web’s only show dedicated to deer and deer hunting, you’ll hear hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks discuss fawn percentages and antler growth, the best way...

Tinks NoFreeze Buck Lure

Yes, More Cool Deer Hunting Stuff From Tink’s

Tink’s has several new products for 2014 including a few new Hot Shot Mists and the #69 No-Freeze Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure for use in colder climates. The Hot Shot attractants come in a specially designed spray container with an internal bag separating the attractant from the pressurizing agent. You get 100 percent, uncontaminated product...