A smooth-shooting rifle and good bullets are obviously crucial to success, but they're only as good as the optics that help you line up the deer in your sights.

Can You Save Money and Sight in Your Rifle This Quickly?

If you’re gearing up for the gun season in your deer hunting zone or state, there’s quite enough time to get to the range and get your scope zeroed in perfectly for the best accuracy. It’s fun to go shoot at the range. I’ve never heard anyone say they hated it, even the guys...

Hawke T5856

Understanding Exit Pupil and Low-Light Performance in Optics

Proper chassis selection will ensure that your scopes and binoculars don’t fail when low-light is a factor If you spend much time talking to anyone about optics or optics quality, eventually the conversation will turn to low-light performance. How an optical device, be it a scope of binocular, performs when ambient light approaches zero...