Scott Leysath

Blueberry Shitake Venison ... mmm, sweet blueberries and the earthiness of mushrooms.

Great Tips for the Most Flavorful, Best Venison Ever

When you want to explore new recipes for your venison roasts and backstraps, create some of the best slow-cooked venison ever or simply pick up a great kitchen prep tip, wild game chef Scott Leysath can definitely give you a hand. How? Leysath has some insights on preparation, tenderizing, field dressing, tougher or ignored cuts...

Deer Talk Now

Make Your Venison More Flavorful, Tender

Instead of grinding everything into burger and sausage, wild game chef Scott Leysath has some suggestions for making your venison taste better. How? By better preparation and a little tenderizing. Leysath also has some insights on field dressing, shanks, herbs and marinades, and more. Be sure to check out this episode of Deer Talk...


Ready For Some New Venison Recipes?

One thing I’ve learned over the years from Scott Leysath is that cooking venison, or almost any wild game for that matter, isn’t as difficult or nerve-wracking as some folks seem to believe. By Alan Clemons, Southern Managing Editor Leysath lives in California but don’t let that throw you off. He’s a diehard hunter...