Post-season scouting is the best time to find trails and bedding and feeding areas, so you can plan accordingly for next season.

Three Payoffs to Scouting for Deer in February

The season is over, or soon to be, for whitetail hunters across the country. Whether you let a crossbow arrow fly to put meat in the freezer or antlers on the ground doesn’t matter much any more. But your work is far from over. In fact, it never really stops if you want to stack...


Bucks Absolutely Can’t Pass Up a Hot Scrape

Mike McCabe is Vice President and host of Sportsmen of North America and a diehard hunter who, like most deer hunters, loves running game cameras to keep tabs on bucks. The great thing about game cameras is you get super photos all year, or however long you keep them out. Some hunters keep them going...


Pre-Season Deer Scouting: Take a Speed Tour

This quick white-tailed deer scouting strategy is the low-impact solution you’ve been looking for By John Eberhart I call it speed touring because that’s what it is. I’m not scouting for new hunting locations. I’m just rapidly touring through previously prepared fruit and mast tree locations during midday to see if they offer food...