Nicole McClain on Deer & Deer Hunting

Nicole McClain: The Front and Back Door of Deer Hunting

Join Nicole on Facebook for more tips, advice and inspiration! By Nicole McClain It’s dark. You stand facing south and the wind is breezing past your tired eyes. There’s a soybean field to your left and could be used as a cut-through, which is 50 yards east of your closest stand. There is also...

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Speed Scouting Online Course

There might be such a thing as scouting too much, but most hunters don’t have the time to find out. Modern hunters are busy people. Learning to speed scout is one way to maximize a limited schedule. D&DH contributor John Eberhart practices this technique, and he shares it in this Online Course. Hunters will...

Benefits of Late-Winter Scouting

Many hunters don't begin to scout until spring or summer. Why wait? Late-winter scouting makes tracking much easier, allowing for valuable insights not attainable in warmer months.

Mapping Trophy Bucks

No matter how well prepared for deer season you think you are, understanding topography and other factors affecting deer movement could spell the difference between success or failure.