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EXCLUSIVE: Road Warriors: Where Do All the Deer Go?

You’ve put trail cameras all over your property and one buck in particular has snagged your attention. He’s the wide 8-pointer with the split brow tines on the right and a sticker off the left G3 — the one you have photos of throughout the summer licking your mineral block. The one you’ve been...

Bucks learn and adapt, with some of them becoming what hunters believe are reclusive and never showing themselves during the day.

Reclusive Bucks: Whitetails Easily Adapt to Man, Development

The almost full-grown button buck fawn clumsily picked its way through the thick brush directly behind its mom. Sometimes they would get separated, more common now that the fawn was rather independent, but a bleat from the fawn allowed the doe to relocate her offspring and they would continue on their daily journey. Once...


The Latest Wireless Game Camera Technology

The first time you pulled an SD card and reviewed the photos your game camera captured, you basked in the glory of your wise decision of purchasing a camera. You chortled at all the deer intel now available at your fingertips, and you dreamed of how you could use all that valuable information to...

Post Season Scouting Tips1

5 Post-Season Scouting Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

With the exception of a few late dates here and there, deer season has ended in the United States, and thoughts already are turning toward the new season that begins in a few months. Florida’s southernmost zone opens in late July, along with blacktail deer season in California, parts of South Carolina in August and mule...

DTN Camera

Deer Talk Now: Great Game Camera Tips for Deer Hunters

Deer season has ended in some parts of the country and still is going on in others, but it’s not too early to start thinking about off-season camera surveys. Planning ahead now is the best way to get a jump on next season. When you’re trying to get the best information about your deer...


Pre-Season Deer Scouting: Take a Speed Tour

This quick white-tailed deer scouting strategy is the low-impact solution you’ve been looking for By John Eberhart I call it speed touring because that’s what it is. I’m not scouting for new hunting locations. I’m just rapidly touring through previously prepared fruit and mast tree locations during midday to see if they offer food...

Rangefinders definitely give hunters a benefit when making long shots with open backgrounds where judging distance is difficult.

Common Sense, Technology Critical for Public Land Deer Hunts

Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from that book. Nearly every state has an abundance of public land available to hunters, and if you are a “do it yourself” hunter who likes researching, planning and executing hunts, this method can pay off big time in cost and experience....

Joel Maxfield Montana buck

Observation, Scouting are Critical to Big Buck Success

  Mathews prostaffer Joel Maxfield is an avid buck hunter and loves to observe whitetail bucks from a long-distance vantage point. In his home state of Wisconsin, Joel often puts bucks to bed with a spotting scope, then plans a midday stalk. His strategy is highly successful. Here Joel poses with a Montana buck....

Stealth Cam G30

Game Camera Technology Offers Incredible Features

Technology continues to improve with game cameras, giving hunters and wildlife watchers more features and options than models we could buy even five years ago. Stealth Cam is one company that has stayed atop the technology curve. Its latest camera definitely will be one to consider when you’re getting your summer survey information in...

Benefits of Late-Winter Scouting

Many hunters don't begin to scout until spring or summer. Why wait? Late-winter scouting makes tracking much easier, allowing for valuable insights not attainable in warmer months.