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Online Course Required For Hunting Shed Antlers in Utah

Want to gather shed antlers in Utah? Late winter and early spring is the worst time of the year for elk, moose and especially deer in Utah. In the winter, deep snow makes it hard for deer to move and find food. And cold temperatures sap the deers’ strength. By the time winter ends,...


Could These Huge Mystery Sheds Be A Nontypical Whitetail Record?

Mysterious shed antlers always create some buzz and these magnificent pickups have whitetail hunters chattering away! We don’t have all the details in quite yet, but it appears that a lucky shed hunter from northern Wisconsin found these nontypical antlers near Rib Lake. That’s just outside of Wausau in the north-central part of the...


Shed Hunting Season Starts with a Bang

Yes, I think a buck like this would get under your skin big time … especially if you went all the way through hunting season not thinking he was alive, then BAM, you know he made it. That’s exactly what happened to a friend who had been dreaming about this deer almost all last...

Deer Talk Now

Deer Antlers: Shed Hunting is Almost in Season!

Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks talk about all things deer and deer hunting, including where to look for shed antlers; what to do to get ready for spring food plot plantings; and how to manage coyotes, bobcats and other predators on your hunting land. The Deer Talk Now team also discusses their favorite TV...

white shed

Wisconsin White Deer Surprised by Sheds

Shedding antlers sometimes is uneventful when they just fall off, and other times there may be a little shakin’ or snaggin’ going on. Check out this white buck — unusual in itself — that shakes off its antlers and then freaks out when they go flying!


Shed Antler in the food plot.

With the season here and gone in NW Missouri, we start to turn our focus to hunting shed antlers and start planning for the spring gobbler season. This past weekend, I made a trip to the farm to hang a trail camera to get a better idea on how many bucks are still packing...