Mark Kayser with shed antlers off of a giant buck he later killed with his Mathews bow. (PHOTO: Copyright Mark Kayser)

Proof of How Shed Hunting Can Help Your Deer Hunting

The antler didn’t stand out at the time I picked it up on a steep, South Dakota hillside. I do recall the unique, curving brow tine that split for a double-brow appearance. Other than that the antler disappeared in my bin alongside thousands of other antlers I’ve picked up over the years. Two years...

Grid your antler search and you'll come up with more bone.

The Best Shed Hunting Secret to Help Your Deer Hunting

My mind wanders as I shed antler hunt. That leads to my hiking boots wandering as well. Don’t be a wanderer. You’ll find more shed antlers if you grid a property and search it like a CSI team hunting for clues at a murder scene. Focus your Nikon and boot effort for maximum return....

SHED Scouting for deer while hunting sheds 1

Shed Hunting Evidence You Can’t Ignore

Everyone loves to pick up a big shed whitetail antler during a cabin-fever hike, but if you’re a hunter don’t ignore the smoking-hot evidence in the whitetail woods. You can cure cabin fever and scout your whitetail property simultaneously for a hunting season jumpstart.

Mark Kayser uses his Nikons to glass across a pasture for a possible shed deer antler.

The Best Way to Find More Shed Antlers

If you want to find more shed antlers you have to search where whitetails congregate and you need to put boots on the ground. In addition to these two simple elements you can up your antler game and gain by incorporating a common piece of hunting equipment. No, it’s not an ATV to ride...

Mark Kayser after a day of whitetail deer shed antler hunting with his faithful friend, Sage. (Photo copyright Mark Kayser)

Bring Man’s Best Friend and Find More Shed Antlers

Man’s best friend is also your best friend, especially if you enjoy picking up shed antlers. Think about it, antlers are just bone, albeit the most amazing bone in the animal kingdom. Can you grow a new hunk of bone annually? That bone has appeal to your best friend whether it is a trained...

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Big Buck Sheds Both Antlers on Film!

Hey everybody, check this out. It is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen come across my desk in a while. Jeff Enns posted this on YouTube a while ago, but we first saw it now. He writes: “Here is a mule deer buck that I have trail cam videos and videos of in...

Post-season scouting is the best time to find trails and bedding and feeding areas, so you can plan accordingly for next season.

Three Payoffs to Scouting for Deer After the Season Ends

The season is over for whitetail hunters across the country. Whether you let a crossbow arrow fly to put meat in the freezer or antlers on the ground doesn’t matter much any more. But your work is far from over. In fact, it never really stops if you want to stack the odds in your...

BARGREN 3 shed

What’s the Deal With Bucks Shedding Antlers Early?

If you’ve noticed that some bucks seem to be casting their antlers early this year, you’re not wrong. “The overall health of the buck affects when it casts its antlers,” said Dr. Grant Woods, a deer biologist and host of the popular Growing Deer series ( “Factors like prolonged cold temperatures or an injury...

Multiple factors affect when bucks shed their antlers.

Multiple Factors Contribute to the Shed Effect

As sure as the sun sets each day, at some point a buck will drop his antlers each year. For many hunters, this is a brand new “season,” scouring the woods and fields for antlers they have only seen attached to a moving object up to this point. By Jeremy Flinn The value of a...

SHEDS  3yo son of Joe Sayers from FB

Buck Pole 2015: DDH Shows Your Best Shed Antlers

Welcome to the 2015 Deer & Deer Hunting Buck Pole: Shed Hunting! celebration of our super off-season fun of going out to hunt shed antlers! We will be updating this thread regularly through spring. Submit your photos of your shed discoveries and a little info to us at and we’ll post them! Be...