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Hornady Whitetail American Slug

SHOT Show 2015: Deer Hunting Ammo for Top Performance

Deer hunters are constantly wanting outstanding terminal performance from their rifles, slug guns, handguns and muzzleloaders to effectively and quickly put a buck or doe on the ground. Whether you’re chasing big bucks in Iowa or helping with doe management in Alabama, you want to make sure you’re feeding your gun the best ammunition....

Deer slug gun Ontario

Deer Hunter Puts the Slug Hammer on Running Buck

Making a shot on a running deer isn’t something you can practice easily, if at all, and maybe especially in cold weather when you’ve been standing around for a bit and muscles are stiff. Several years ago in Austria at a Kahles Optik and Steyr rifles event we were able to shoot at an...

Ground blinds can be something you build from natural vegetation or one more obvious like this Redneck Blinds Haybale.

Six Ways to Improve Your Ground Blind Hunting Experience

Ground blind hunting is one of the coolest things to do for a couple of reasons, one of them being that you’re pretty much on eye level with the deer and other wildlife. Hunting in treestands is common in much of the Southeast and Midwest, of course. Nothing wrong with that at all. Getting...

Bucks use licking branches as signposts with their scrapes, and preorbital gland scent is a big part of it.

Advanced Licking Branch Secrets for Big Bucks

We love hearing good deer hunting success stories and even moreso when hunters have capitalized on some of the best tips or suggestions to help them be successful. Larry J. McKenzie of South Carolina wrote in to one of our good friends, John “Smokey” McNicholas, to let him know about his good hunts last...

Steve Bartylla has some of the best deer hunting tips for land and whitetail management, stand placement and more in his new book, Big Buck Secrets.

Take the Mystery Out of Your Deer Hunting Strategy

Products designed to fool white-tailed deer saturate today’s hunting market, but finding the best available method for increasing your success this season doesn’t have to be a mystery. On this week’s all-new Deer & Deer Hunting TV, hunting experts Tom Miranda and Steve Bartylla are on hand to discuss their preferred strategies to trick an...


Take Your Ballistic Calculator to the Range, Deer Woods

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance sports optics, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Ballistic Calculator mobile app available for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. Modeled after the highly successful website-based program, the mobile app is a completely interactive tool you can take to...

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Multiple Options Now Available for Young, Smaller Shooters

O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc, throughout the company’s 95-year history, has been a leader in the development and design of firearms for younger and small-statured shooters and promoting responsible gun ownership and safety training for all gun owners. In the recently-launched Mossberg 2014 Youth Catalog, 45 shotguns, rimfire and centerfire rifles feature the company’s...

Five private land bonus hunts are set for Oklahoma youngsters this season. (Photo: The Oklahoman)

Hunting, Target Shooting Generates Billions in Annual Revenue

National Shooting Sports Foundation’s “Hunting in America” and “Target Shooting in America” reports reveal the broad impact that spending by hunters and target shooters have on America’s economy. Now, responding to demand for a combined report, NSSF has issued “Economic Impact of Hunting and Target Shooting in America,” showing, among other significant statistics, that...


Deer Hunters Have a New Range for Shooting Practice

Finding a quality shooting range where you can enjoy sighting in a deer rifle or plinking with the youngsters sometimes can be a challenge, but many state wildlife agencies offer quality sites MDWFP is pleased to announce the opening of Mississippi’s newest public shooting range. McHenry Shooting Range, located in South Mississippi near Perkinston,...


Deer Talk Now: Get the Best From Your Optics

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of binoculars or the best scope for your deer rifle or shotgun, here are some tips that will save you money — and get you the best bang for your buck this season. Deer & Deer Hunting’s Dan Schmidt hosts with special guest Trent Marsh.