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Today's modern hunter may use everything from a modern sporting rifle like this one to a traditional bow, wearing performance clothing or old school wool. Today's hunter spans the gamut.

In this Incredible Age, What Defines the Modern Hunter?

What best defines the modern hunter? I’d argue it’s not really a question of who he or she is, but rather when he or she lived. Every generation has had its rendering of the modern-day hunter, dating back to prehistoric times, when early man embarked on the hunt with primitive weapons in search of food for...


Must-See TV: Destination Whitetail Explores American Traditions

Destination Whitetail returns July 3 for its second season on Sportsman Channel with a variety of action-packed shows featuring unique locations, personalities and white-tailed deer hunting. From opening morning in the first whitetail season in America— the sweltering, late July bow season opener in south Florida — to a longtime camp in the cool...

Shooting ranges are great places to practice and get familiar with firearms before deer season opens.

Money Available to Help Shooting Ranges

A Vermont Fish & Wildlife grant program that’s creating more access to safe places to shoot still has money available this fiscal year. Shooting clubs, sportsmen’s groups and government agencies involved in the operation of shooting ranges, including archery ranges, have until 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 31 to submit applications for funding from the...