INNOVATION Elite Archery compound bow for 729

D+DH Innovation Zone: Elite Archery Impulse 31 and 34

An inside look at the new Impulse 34 and Impulse 31 bows from Elite Archery with archery shop pro Dan Bloch from Archery Country. Both bows are built for whitetail deer hunters. Learn more about the specs in this week’s Innovation Zone video. D+DH Innovation Zone, Season 1, Episode 35. Original air date: July...


Hot Gear: TenPoint’s Lightweight, Compact Turbo GT

Industry leader TenPoint Crossbow Technologies introduced its new Turbo GT model in January, one of four new crossbows for 2016, and the Turbo GT pairs a new stock and barrel design with the company’s time-tested technology to add improved performance and maneuverability to the newest version in a long line of successful TenPoint Turbo models. “The Turbo model...

Pat and Nicole Reeve manage their property, scout, and hunt together because they love the outdoors and interacting with deer and other wildlife.

Successful Calling Tips for Dominant Whitetail Bucks

It was a cool afternoon and the deer were already on the move as I climbed into one of my favorite tree stands. Shortly after settling in, I noticed movement at the edge of the woodlot. A good buck was coming my way. My heart raced as the buck continued to approach. I carefully...


Auction for Custom Remingtons to Celebrate Anniversary

James D Julia auctioneers will host a live auction Oct. 6 for a chance to own the rare collection of Remington Custom Bicentennial firearms. This auction is an opportunity 200 years in the making. The live auction will be the only chance left to own these rare firearms. There never will be another opportunity to purchase...


Hot Gear: Scented Candles Upgraded for More Attraction

Hot Trails Scented Hunting Candles and Mini Lantern are small, lightweight, convenient, and simple to use. Just light it, and let the candle and wind do the rest, pushing the scent into the wind and to the game. Celebrating our 25th year in business, Hot Trails is still a well-guarded secret among successful hunters....

Sabrina Simon TenPoint Wicked Ridge Raider CLS NAP Spitfire

10 Things You Need to Know About Crossbows

Crossbows, by design, are not that complicated. In the simplest terms, a crossbow is nothing more than a smaller vertical bow attached to a stock. However, there are certain aspects of crossbows that must be fully understood before heading afield.

Post-season scouting is the best time to find trails and bedding and feeding areas, so you can plan accordingly for next season.

Making the Move from Rifle to Crossbow

Fate’s whimsy introduced me to the crossbow. Last November I was a guest at the Hixon Land and Cattle Ranch near Catulla, Texas, invited by Steve Hall, Hunter Education Coordinator for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, to participate in the 2015 IHEA-USA Heritage Hunt. Shooting a crossbow was one of the activities at...

Ted celebrates hunting and the great conservation story everywhere he can, from the woods to the concert stage!

Enjoying the Other Deer Bonanza in Texas!

The tawny spotted hide was only occasionally visible in the thick Texas cedar puckerbrush. I don’t think any animal can disappear quite like a spotted fallow deer. Skunked for more than twenty-one hard hunted days, for the life of me I just couldn’t figure these crazy spooky, ultra-elusive deer out, even on my own...


Hot Gear: Mossy Oak Can-Am Defender

The all-new Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition side-by-side vehicle has been purpose built with factory-installed extras to appease the needs of modern hunters and outdoorsmen. Dressed with its exclusive water-dipped Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo finish, the Mossy Oak Hunting Edition HD10 package is the direct result of joint effort from Can-Am and Mossy...


The Best New Ammunition for Great Predator Hunting

Predator hunting is an intensive pursuit that requires patience, determination and much skill to be successful. Coyotes, mountain lions and other predator species can be notoriously wary, and once called in, don’t always afford hunters a second chance after a misplaced shot. Paradoxically, they can also be reckless at times, rushing in to the...