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Bucks learn and adapt, with some of them becoming what hunters believe are reclusive and never showing themselves during the day.

Sunday Hunting Bans: Separation of Church and Scrape

And it was decreed that on Sunday hunting shall be prohibited and no one even on private land they own shall pursue fowl or game, and everyone said “Amen.” Nay, not everyone. Eleven states still have some kind of prohibitions, limits or outright ban on hunting on Sunday. Most are in the northeast part...

Deer in Snow NPSphoto

State Finally Amends Archaic Law Banning Hunting on Sunday

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has signed Sunday hunting into law, allowing Virginia to join the 40 other states that allow hunting on privately owned lands on Sundays. Sponsored by Delegate Todd Gilbert, and cosponsored by many members of the┬áVirginia Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus, HB 1237 passed the Senate on Feb. 18 (28-11) after clearing the...