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Happy 145th Anniversary National Rifle Association!

Ah yes! Celebrate with me won’t you the glowing perfection of this phenomenal one of a kind, unprecedented, uniquely American we the people experiment in self-government in the good old US of A! Say it loud and proud; “Glory Glory Hallelujah and God bless America and the mighty National Rifle Association!” By Ted Nugent...


Should Suppressors Be Used for Deer Hunting?

A battle is brewing about the possibility of another state wildlife agency allowing the use of suppressors, also known as silencers, for hunting. Proponents are urging the allowance of suppressors for big and small game hunting while some opponents claim the “silent” firearms would be a threat to society because the report of a...

Bankhead NF muzzleloader hunt Alabama

State Board Proposes Allowing Suppressors for Hunting

The move to allow suppressors, also inaccurately known as “silencers,” has been growing throughout the country in the last few years with fits and spurts. Some state wildlife agencies or legislatures, or both, have balked. Others have been at odds, one proposing and one pushing back. Perceptions about poachers running rampant with “silencers” on...