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Home-grown chicken is good, but wild venison sure seems a whole lot more appealing. (Reid/DDH photo)

Locavore Blog: Why I Want to Hunt Deer

While there is a ton to learn about archery and bowhunting, I don’t want to lose sight of the real reason behind my desire to learn to hunt my own food – and hunt deer – and the connection between local food and wild game. I recently wrapped up a graduate class that covered...

Kristen Schmitt Property 3

Locavore Blog: Hunting For A Sustainable Life

Six inches of snow coat the dock just beyond my back door and at least twelve inches of snow blanket the 11-acre pond, where we’ve spent many mornings cross country skiing or ice skating this winter. Our canoe, nicknamed Tippy Canoe after several wet mishaps last fall, is almost forgotten: a frosty hill in...

Stacy Harris on Destination Whitetail

Stacy Harris Reveals Her Gourmet Venison Tips On Destination Whitetail

  Tune in to Destination Whitetail tonight at 8:30 Eastern/7:30 Central Standard Time on the Sportsman Channel. Tonight’s episode features Stacy Harris – chef, author and pioneer in the field-to-table movement – as she shares her insights on healthy sustainable living, and hunts for her first whitetail. Putting aside her career as a lawyer, Stacy now...