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Whether you're in the stand during hunting season or at the range in summer having fun zeroing a scope, always remember the rules of firearm safety and be aware of your surroundings.

With Your Deer Rifle or Favorite Plinker, Always Be Safe

Once deer season ends folks usually take a bit of a breather and decompress from what may have been an enjoyable or uneventful few months in the woods. Putting away the gear, reflecting on the season and thinking about next year — even if it’s seven or eight months away — is a good...


Hot Gear: New Target, 3D Bows are Sleek and Fast

Most deer hunters don’t hang up their bow when the season ends because they love shooting, whether it’s in 3D competition, Olympic-style competitions, bowfishing or just in the yard with a favorite target. Some will use their hunting bow for the competition events, which keeps them in tune with that specific bow and gear....

Five private land bonus hunts are set for Oklahoma youngsters this season. (Photo: The Oklahoman)

Hunting, Target Shooting Generates Billions in Annual Revenue

National Shooting Sports Foundation’s “Hunting in America” and “Target Shooting in America” reports reveal the broad impact that spending by hunters and target shooters have on America’s economy. Now, responding to demand for a combined report, NSSF has issued “Economic Impact of Hunting and Target Shooting in America,” showing, among other significant statistics, that...