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Ted enjoys visiting with fans wherever he goes and talking with them about the outdoors, hunting, fishing, guns and America.

National Rifle Association Membership Says it All

Millions and millions of American families are celebrating the amazing springtime spirit of renewal like they mean it! Fresh fish filets and wild turkey breasts are cooking all across the land, along with those incredibly scrumptious morel mushrooms, wild scallions, leeks, fiddle-head ferns and some early wild berries. Wild asparagus will sprout soon and...

Ted with kids at indoor bow shoot helping them learn about archery and the fun of shooting a bow.

Teach the Children Well

As the Nuge prepares for his 27th annual Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity events this summer, he reflects on how exciting it is watching young kids across America take their first shot with a rifle, fling their first arrow and learn the real world nature lessons of honest to God conservation.


Varmint Control Is a Conservation Responsibility

Political correctness and its inherent scourge of dishonesty and denial are bad and dangerous wherever you find them. When people living in Detroit can spew their comfortable disconnect and resultant ignorance about wolves and other predators to determine varmint control policies in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula wilderness, you know you are asking for trouble. The...

Nugent opens his private ranch to inner city kids for a day of
tree-planting, fishing and discovery.

Happy Happy Springtime 2017

Well Happy Happy Springtime across America and beyond to all my deeranddeerhunting.com backstrap BloodBrothers! I know it is not quite that November opening day hair-raising thriller, but you must admit that this first season of the year is pretty doggone special unto itself. As powerful as the fall/winter season of harvest is to all...

Whether Ted's in the stand with his trusty shotgun or Mathews bow, he's happy to have the chance to embrace and enjoy the outdoors.

Hone Your Projectile Management Instincts All Year Long!

Ahhh…  to contemplate the trajectory of one’s life. To envision our path in life. To take control of our destiny. Even the road less traveled needs to be negotiated with attentiveness and discipline. Zen, the origins of man’s earliest religion is to be the next step instead of just taking the next step. Now,...

Hunting is part of the role we play in conservation of our natural resources.

Long Road to the PrimalScream

FINALLY! After all that practice and dedication, 100s tortuous pre-dawn arousals and late nights getting home, after all those nerve wracking, patience testing hours, days and weeks in the treestand, FINALLY, a shooter deer is in range, broadside and looking the other way! Nerve endings a-twitter, neck-hairs quivering at attention, muscles tense and pulsating,...

Fred Bear and Ted Nugent

Happy Birthday Fred Bear!

Just a few days ago on March 5, 2017, 10 million of my closest friends around the world celebrated a special birthday party for my old buddy Fred Bear. Thanks to the miracle of the modern internet, legions of folk in numerous countries paid homage via my Facebook to a great man that had...

Freedom to enjoy our lives outdoors hunting, shooting, fishing and pursuing other liberties, doesn't come easily

WOW! That Deerseason Sure Was FUN!

I slept in this morning. No, really. It wasn’t storming, I wasn’t ill, not feeling particularly lazy or tired, but I simply slept in this morning, March 1, 2017 for the 1st time since September 4, 2016. You see, I’ve got this terminal American Dream Spirit of the Wild thang goin’ on, and I...

Mmmmm, who loves the flavors of venison?

Celebrate the Flesh with Sacred Venison

As goes the difficulty of effort goes the degree of celebration. That’s what I always say, and nothing personifies enormous effort manifesting enormous celebration quite like deerhunting. Since 90% of my deer are bagged with the ridiculously borderline impossibility of bowhunting, when after much prolonged patience testing sacrifice, a lifetime of indefatigable stealth honing...