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I hope that my meditations on natural resources will offer an escape for hunters pushing back against some modern trends in deer hunting.

— Jacob Edson, D&DH managing editor

DNR Updates Hunters On Sweeping Changes

In July, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s office released an independent report by “Deer Czar” Dr. James Kroll. The report brought about plenty of criticism from within the state (See D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt’s thoughts HERE), but regardless it called for some major changes in deer management in the state. The following...

Deer Kill Check Station

Counting White-tailed Deer Kill Totals

Ever Wonder How Deer Kill Statistics Get Totaled By State Agencies? Each year, millions of hunters set foot in the woods and harvest millions of deer. We count these harvests as a way to manage the whitetail population and to attempt to quantify an area’s deer hunting opportunities. However, not all...

Food Fun Friday: Blast From the Past

Deer & Deer Hunting’s 301 Venison Recipes has long been one of our top sellers. This week, we’ll offer one of those 301 favorites for free. Try it tonight! Teriyaki Meatballs 2 pounds ground venison 2 eggs 1/2 cup cornflake crumbs 1/2 cup milk 3 tablespoons grated onion 1 teaspoon salt...

QDMA, Hunting Celeb Sparring Over Deer Farms

Following a recent plea from QDMA that hunters help push legislation limiting deer breeding facilities, nationally known television host Keith Warren has taken to the Internet to call out the group’s stance. QDMA’s release included this strong position statement from Kip Adams, the group’s Director of Education & Outreach (and a...

coyote predation - whitetail deer hunting

Study: Coyotes Kill More Deer Than Wolves or Bears

by Jacob Edson An intensive study in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan titled “Role of predators, winter weather and habitat on white-tailed deer fawn survival” has revealed that for the third straight year, coyotes killed more adult deer and more fawns than wolves, bobcats or bears. Conducted just north of the Wisconsin-Michigan border...

white-tailed deer feeding deer and deer hunting

Maine Asks Residents Not to Feed Deer

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is asking state residents to refrain from feeding white-tailed deer. In the following release, DIFW takes a somewhat subdued position against supplemental  feeding. Rather than banning the practice altogether, DIFW is trying to educate the public about problems that arise due to feeding....