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Some of the author's favorite hunts have been for does, which provide great challenges and tasty meals.

Some of My Favorite Trophies are Does

I’m often troubled, while eavesdropping on hunters discussing the “harvest” of white-tailed does. Too often does are discussed in the same terms as picking backyard vegetables. Worse yet, often addressed by wannabe deer managers like weeds in that garden; an inconvenience in need of removal. I have a little more respect for whitetails, even...

Bear pro staffer Brian Otto with his 11-point double drop buck, which was killed with his Bear 59 Kodiak.

Trying Traditional: Five Things to Know About Traditional Archery

Traditional archery’s experienced a renaissance of late, with seasoned archers seeking an added challenge that turns even does into a big reward, and others simply looking for a simpler bowhunting experience free of technological clutter. By Patrick Meitin Companies such as the venerable Bear Archery Products and Howatt/Martin, Hoyt and myriad custom makers are...

Women throughout the U.S. are among the more than 18 million people interested in archery and bowhunting

Numbers Reveal the Secrets About America’s Interest in Archery

The first nationwide archery survey showed that 18.9 million Americans age 18 and older participated in archery and/or bowhunting in 2012. The Archery Trade Association (ATA) recently released the results of the new survey, which was conducted in the same way as Gallup polls. The findings about archery participation and equipment use are a...