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Alsheimer: Pre-Season Play – Bucks Sparring in September

By Charles J. Alsheimer Throughout the month of September sparring makes up a big part of a buck’s behavior in and around areas they frequent. Though sparring can turn ugly, most encounters are little more than playful shoving matches between bucks. The most common sparring matches are between subordinate and dominant bucks. Because a dominant buck...

Alsheimer Deer and Deer Hunting

Alsheimer: Big Bucks Already Displaying Rut-Related Behavior

By Charles J. Alsheimer Now that the peak period of antler growth is winding down, testosterone levels are ramping up. With that comes a host of rut-related behaviors. As July gives way to August bucks will scent-check a doe’s urine to determine her estrous status, and mature bucks will start to exhibit more dominant behavior...

Mark Drury's camera caught this trespasser. The face has been blurred. Game cameras placed in strategic locations high in trees, at angles, or hidden well, may offer landowners a great benefit to catch trespassers and poachers.

Trespassers, Poachers Caught On Game Cameras

Back a few years ago when game cameras started becoming more popular, manufacturers began hearing stories about getting photos of trespassers, poachers and other slimebag criminals stealing stuff. By Alan Clemons, Managing Editor Some of the stories were comical. Trespassers looking directly at the camera but not realizing it was there, giving the landowner...