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The Deer Huntress: A Novice Killer

Oft have I been told that I resemble an 8-year old, not only in stature, but also in temperament. I routinely stick my tongue out at loved ones, coworkers and bosses. I laugh uproariously at stupid jokes, I find amusement in the most unlikely of places (example: In Germany, entries are labeled “einfahrt.” There...


Mineral Sites for Deer: Instant Attraction

by Daniel E. Schmidt Talk about instant success! These photos are just two of more than 700 that Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Cory Johnson capture with his Cuddeback Attack camera over the past two weeks. Cory is a big-time whitetail fanatic, and he grows some dandy bucks. The secret to his success with...


Alsheimer: Make Scrapes, Branches Year-Round

        What an awesome show with legendary deer hunter and researcher Charlie Alsheimer, who visited with Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks about mock scrapes and licking branches. Charlie has studied deer for more than three decades and raised them on his farm in New York. Thanks to some great questions from...