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Alsheimer: Make Scrapes, Branches Year-Round

        What an awesome show with legendary deer hunter and researcher Charlie Alsheimer, who visited with Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks about mock scrapes and licking branches. Charlie has studied deer for more than three decades and raised them on his farm in New York. Thanks to some great questions from...


Give Feeders A Little Pre-Spring TLC

Spring is arriving in the Southeast in fits, with temperatures in the upper 70s and mild nights giving way to the occasional blast of chilly lows in the 30s or 40s. by Alan Clemons For our friends in the upper Midwest and Northeast, well, I can’t say we feel your pain. We don’t know...

Baiting Equals Pressure for Gun-Hunters

Using bait while deer hunting is legal in more than one-half of the states with huntable whitetail populations. Each year, hunters literally spend millions of dollars annually on corn, apples, carrots, pumpkins, sugar beets, sweet potatoes and just about anything else deer will eat. As the editor of one of largest deer hunting magazines...

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Advanced Trail Camera Tactics Online Course

Anyone can place a trail camera and hope for the best. It takes real sportsmanship to recognize where to set up for mature bucks. Brad Rucks has the insights critical to maximizing your trail cam investment.