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Stay Alive! 3 Rules of Treestand Safety

Stay Alive! 3 Rules of Treestand Safety

Safety should be the No. 1 priority every time we climb into a treestand, and it's no time to be careless. Here are three safety rules that could save your life. Plus, we profile a new safety device designed for treestand hunters.

Hot Gear: HSS Teams with ElimiShield for Harnesses

Hunter Safety System, the industry leader in tree stand safety, continues to set the industry standard in treestand harness technology with the addition of ElimiShield® Scent Control Technology. Hunter Safety System is now offering four of its most popular safety harnesses with the most revolutionary approach to controlling human odor at...

Tips for Hunting Safely in High Winds

Hunters should incorporate many safety practices into their hunting routines, regardless of how hard the wind is blowing. Things such as always letting someone know your hunt itinerary (where you’ll be hunting, when you’ll return), wearing a full-body safety harness when hunting off the ground and carrying a first-aid kit are...