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How to Hang a Deer Hunting Ladder Stand Safely

Do you know how to safely hang a ladder stand for deer hunting? Sounds like a simple question, right? Deer hunters hang thousands of ladder stands every year. Some are homemade stands, usually constructed of 2×4 lumber and platforms. Others are manufactured stands from the various companies, which have myriad options from lightweight, simple...

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Locavore Blog: Five Bowhunting and Tree Stand Safety Tips

I’ll be hunting from two, possibly three, tree stand locations on our property this October. Based on Bryce Towsley’s advice on scent control, I know I need to switch locations throughout the season so the scent has a chance to neutralize. In fact, he mentioned that the first day you hunt in a tree...

HHS UltraLite Harness

Thin, Strong and It Can Save Your Life

Weighing just a few ounces but with the strength to support hundreds of pounds, one of the best hunting tools you can own is so light you’ll forget about it. But you’ll love it when you need it while you’re deer hunting or hanging stands. Hunter Safety Systems UltraLite fall restraint harness is engineered...