Bow Shooting Tips

Bow Shooting Tips: Sitting Vs. Standing

It's a question that often comes up in bow shooting conversations: should you shoot sitting or standing from a treestand? The D&DH editors offer a bunch of solid insight on this old bow hunting dilemma. Plus, we get a quick look at Easton's new throwback camo arrows.

Six Life-Saving Treestand Safety Hunting Tips

For most of us, “tree stand safety” is something we are aware of, but not concerned about unless it affects us on a personal level. We know it’s important to wear a safety harness every time when hunting, but, in reality, the majority of us do not. Let’s look at some...

How Wind Affects Deer Movement and Your Hunting

The buck drank deeply from the throat of the icy river, quenching his thirst caused by heavy rutting activity. For a moment, the deer had no inkling I was a mere 10 yards away, safely perched in an old ash 20 feet off the ground. Without warning, the cursed wind ruined...