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Deer & Deer Hunting produces the top whitetail shows in the country, including Deer & Deer Hunting TV, on NBC Sports; Land of Whitetail, on Pursuit; and Destination Whitetail, on the Sportsman Channel. Plus, there’s Deer Talk Now, a weekly live webcast available at

DEER  Buck in creek bowhunter

Deer Talk Now: Extend Your Effective Bowhunting Range

Learn tips and tactics for extending your effective range for archery and bowhunting deer in this new episode of Deer Talk Now. Deer Talk Now host and veteran bowhunter Dan Schmidt provides additional insights on how to adjust your bow’s sight pins. It’s a critical step every archer and bowhunter should know how to...

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Destination Whitetail Finds Fickle Winds in Kansas

This week on Destination Whitetail, the majestic state of Kansas plays host with its wide open spaces, massive bucks and fickle Midwest winds that with a subtle shift can dash the dreams of a hunter. Get hooked on Destination Whitetail with host Brittney Leigh Glaze and watch some of the best deer hunting every...

Grow em Big Bucks2

Grow ’em Big: Tips on Managing Bucks on Your Property

Managing land for deer doesn’t just mean putting out a few food plots but also includes careful consideration of the number of does and bucks you need to shoot as well as how to manage bucks for whatever size or number you want to have on the property. Veteran hunter and land manager Steve...


Destination Whitetail Visits the Land of Giants

This week on Destination Whitetail, the team heads to the land of giants where big buck dreams are realized and sometimes shattered. Will the legendary hype meet the expectations for this bowhunter on her first trip to Illinois? Get hooked on Destination Whitetail with host Brittney Leigh Glaze and watch some of the best...

DESTINATION Britney Leigh Glaze

Destination Whitetail: Lost or Found, Up or Down?

This week on Destination Whitetail, host Brittney Leigh Glaze returns to Illinois with a muzzleloader but has lost her tag. It’s not a big problem, right? That’s what she thinks, until she finds out getting a replacement is not possible. Get hooked on Destination Whitetail with host Brittney Leigh Glaze and watch some of...

Deer & Deer Hunting Editor Dan Schmidt bagged this wide-racked buck on Monday while hunting in southern Alabama.

DDH TV: How to Become the Invisible Hunter

Is it really possible to get invisible in the deer woods.  No, but there are ways to make sure you are being as quiet and scent free as possible…and sometimes its as easy as using what’s around you The show airs Monday, Aug. 10, on NBC Sports. Check local listings for times in your...