venison recipes

Once you put your venison on the grill or smoker, don't overcook it!

Grilling Deer? Once You Burn, There’s No Return!

Many years ago during a cookout with family members, I pretty much stood over the grill to make sure my steak didn’t end up looking like the sole of a worn-out hunting boot. Fortunately, the host shared my desire for a marbled ribeye the way they’re supposed to be prepared: seared on the outside...

Tacos Carnitas can be made with shredded beef, like these, or venison if you have some deer meat in the freezer. They're great! (Photo: Jess Lander/Wikipedia)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with 4 Great Slow-Cooked Venison Tacos

Summer’s knocking on the door and with Cinco de Mayo celebrations planned, it’s a perfect time to revisit some of our favorite dishes for slow-cooked venison! Tacos and burritos are fantastic ways to enjoy your venison. Whether you use ground venison with special herbs and spices or slow-cooked shoulders, necks and rump roasts, you’ll end...

Grilled venison with fresh veggies and maybe a light dash of your favorite marinade is an easy, delicious way to enjoy your hunting success.

With Venison, Herbs or Whatever, Fresher is Always Better

When it comes to food — deer meat, herbs, vegetables, fish, milk, eggs, whatever — fresher usually is better. Right? You never hear anyone say, “Yeah, that stale bread had a unique flavor to it so we toasted it and slathered it with that 13-month old jam in the back of the fridge. Boy, was...