Working Class Whitetails – Online Deer Hunting Show

Working Class Whitetails is a deer hunting show featuring everyday hunters and successful hunts for large-antlered bucks on free-range property.

Working Class Whitetails is a deer hunting show that highlights successful hunt for large-antlered bucks. Each of the 14 episodes airing September through December features a real-life hunt and ends with the harvesting of a deer. The deer and the hunt are the focus of the shows, which have “everyday hunters” pursuing these big, mature bucks.

The allure of Working Class Whitetails harkens to the simple “you’re in the treestand with the hunter” approach that was the springboard for many long-form hunting TV shows. The difference is this exclusive video series is limited to just the 3- to 5- minute actual encounter with the deer. There’s no long buildup. It’s just the hunters, the deer and open property with real experiences.

The show is created by Aaron Volkmar and Steve Tjornhom for F+W Outdoors.

Watch Working Class Whitetails each Saturday from September through December at, the DDH Facebook page and on YouTube at

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