Dan Schmidt  Buck with crawly mags

Why Deer Hunting is Good for the Environment

Warning! This video is not for the squeamish. It’s not for those who believe in a Bambi-like natural world, either. I’m posting it to show yet another example of how and why deer hunting — and hunting in general — is good for the environment. How is hunting good for the environment? Well, you...

Levi Morgan

Morgan Captures Grand Slam with IBO World Title

Levi Morgan took home his sweetest IBO victory to date at the 2015 IBO World Championship, the last event of the 2015 season, held at the picturesque Holiday Valley Resort, in Ellicottville, N.Y. With the win, Morgan fulfilled an IBO record with the Grand Slam, which can only be claimed by winning all three legs of...

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Daydreaming of Bowhunting Wyoming Whitetails

Although my whitetail adventures will begin later this month in southern Florida for their rut (yeah, go figure!), I’m already daydreaming about bowhunting northeast Wyoming once again with Ralph Dampman of Trophy Ridge Outfitters. I’ve hunted with Ralph on two other occasions and must say his part of the world is unrivaled when it...

DDH TV 2 copy

DDH TV: Pattern Deer Without Being Patterned

Coming soon on Deer & Deer Hunting TV, learn how to pattern mature bucks without having them know you’re there. The show airs Monday, Aug. 3 on NBC Sports. Patterning deer can be a hard process, but harder still is to make sure the deer are not patterning you at the same time.  We...


How Brain Abscesses Affect Big Bucks

Zombie whitetails aren’t the norm but occasionally one will have a problem with what biologists identify as a brain abscess and may indeed exhibit zombie-like traits. By Alan Clemons Chas Moore, Wildlife Biologist, with the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, wrote about the problem of brain abscesses. They’re seen most often in...

ARCHERY Make it fun for kids getting started

BowShop: Make Shooting a Bow Fun for Kids

I’m unsure what wild bug crawled into our son’s shirt this past autumn, but when he announced he’d like to shoot one of my bows and had an interest in deer hunting, I tried pretty hard to scratch that itch.
 He’s always been interested in mainstream sports, notably basketball and golf, and has never...