Trophy Ridge Outfitters – Carlile, WY

  Trophy Ridge Outfitters 17985 US HWY 14 Carlile, WY 82721 (307) 756-9776 cell (307) 756-2194 WEBSITE Species Whitetail Mule Antelope Turkey Buffalo Elk Archery Praire Dog All of our outfitters hunts are fully guided on private land, and include free lodging and meals. There is an onsite shooting/sight-in range, and a nearby 1000...


Pre-Season Deer Scouting: Take a Speed Tour

This quick white-tailed deer scouting strategy is the low-impact solution you’ve been looking for By John Eberhart I call it speed touring because that’s what it is. I’m not scouting for new hunting locations. I’m just rapidly touring through previously prepared fruit and mast tree locations during midday to see if they offer food...

Can a twig or small limb affect your bullet's flight?

Keep Buck Home Range Sizes in Mind

Hunting pressure during the rut won’t change a mature buck’s core area, but it will change how and when they use it. The more pressure that is out there, the more nocturnal a buck will become. By Daniel E. Schmidt The important point to remember is this: When you’re chasing an adult buck, you...