whitetail behavior

Hunting means different things to everyone, but recent research shows more are interested in putting meat on the table.

Big Rubs: Are They the Superhighway to Big Bucks?

The whitetail’s most visible rut-time signs also have spawned deep-rooted myths. Count, if you can, how many times you’ve heard someone say, “Small rubs always equal small deer. You have to find big rubs to find big deer.” What’s the count? Probably dozens, right? Unfortunately, that blanket statement is yet another whitetail myth. Although...

Alabama orange collared deer

Collared Deer Part of Ongoing Research Project

Research conducted on two wildlife management areas and two private land sites in Pickens and Marengo counties is attempting to answer questions that will help biologists better manage Alabama’s deer herd. Hunters are asked not to kill any deer they see with orange collars so those deer are kept in the research project. In...

Deer have incredible senses that alert them to danger, aid in reproduction and help them locate food sources. Learning more about whitetail behavior can help you score this season.

How to Get Into the Mind of a White-tailed Deer

During a spring turkey hunt I eased to the edge of a treeline near a small, secluded food plot and peered through with my binoculars for birds in the field. Instead of hens and a longbeard, I saw two big ears perked up and an anterless deer looking in my direction. It wasn’t stamping the...