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Justin Braswell Mississippi Tallahatchie County scores 193 48

Lady Luck Shines on Deer Hunter with 193-Inch Giant

Justin Braswell freely admits he didn’t have a grand plan or anything other than wanting to sit in a deer stand for an evening hunt and maybe see a nice buck. Well, things turned out pretty good for him when Lady Luck turned on the megawatt shine and smiled broadly. Braswell, of Greenwood, Miss.,...


Whitetail Freaks Part 2: Hermaphrodites

Here is another bizarre instance of a buck’s genetic wiring gone awry. This lucky hunter shot a truly once-in-a-lifetime deer, but what is it? That’s a good question; one that we can only speculate on when trying to answer it. The photo has been all over the Web, and was recently posted on Facebook...

Reece Hankins with his 180-inch Mississippi buck

Giant 180-Inch Buck Gives Lucky Hunter a Second Chance

For most deer hunters, 100 yards with a firearm is a chip shot so it’s understandable that Reese Hankins was upset and disappointed about missing a big buck at that range. Hankins is a hunting guide at Hickory Hills Hunting Preserve in Mississippi. He was hunting Dec. 27 when a giant buck stepped within...