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Head-Turning Antlers!

Have you ever seen a home with some great interior design using antlers? Here are some very cool creations with antlers from whitetail and mule deer, along with elk, that definitely get a thumbs up!


Freaky Deer Skull In A Tree?

There’s no telling how this fine buck’s head and antlers ended up this way, so we can only surmise and guess what happened. Could the deer have died next to a small tree, which grew over time around the antlers and skull? Maybe a hunter placed the skull against the tree. Why anyone wouldn’t...

Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails

The Bucks of Legendary Whitetails III Legendary Whitetails III provides snapshots of 40 of the greatest whitetails ever taken, including some of the most secretive bucks ever killed. It tells the back-story, shows the actual score sheet and other critical details. As former editor of North American Whitetail, author Duncan Dobie knows the details...