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Freaky Deer Skull In A Tree?

There’s no telling how this fine buck’s head and antlers ended up this way, so we can only surmise and guess what happened. Could the deer have died next to a small tree, which grew over time around the antlers and skull? Maybe a hunter placed the skull against the tree. Why anyone wouldn’t...

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Intense Whitetail Management: Lessons From South Texas Provide Clues To Increase Trophy Buck Potential

The white-tailed deer’s popularity is especially augmented by its adaptability and abundance. This malleable herbivore is not only abundant, but it also can live just about anywhere — from our back yards to the deep, dark forests of Canada, providing sportsmen ample and affordable hunting opportunities. By Bob Zaiglin Although the whitetail has always...

Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails

The Bucks of Legendary Whitetails III Legendary Whitetails III provides snapshots of 40 of the greatest whitetails ever taken, including some of the most secretive bucks ever killed. It tells the back-story, shows the actual score sheet and other critical details. As former editor of North American Whitetail, author Duncan Dobie knows the details...


Is Hunting Hurting Antler, Horn Sizes?

A team of scientists led by a University of Wyoming researcher recently reported that the size of trophy horns and antlers of most species of North American big game has declined slightly over the past century, most likely as a result of intensive harvest of males. Kevin Monteith, a postdoctoral research scientist with the...

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Wisconsin White Deer Surprised by Sheds

Shedding antlers sometimes is uneventful when they just fall off, and other times there may be a little shakin’ or snaggin’ going on. Check out this white buck — unusual in itself — that shakes off its antlers and then freaks out when they go flying!