whitetail deer behavior

To have a better chance at a personal best whitetail buck, you may need to rethink your ideas about the deer's core area and travel during the peak of the rut.

Movements of Rutting Whitetail Bucks Rut Are Revealed

Except for the extreme south Florida area, the whitetail rut we hunters recognize — scrapes, chasing, breeding — is still a few weeks away for most of the country. Bucks have shed their velvet, are or will be soon splitting up from bachelor groups, and then everything goes into full-blown crazy mode. Check out...

Charlie Alsheimer

Best Deer Hunting Show on TV Nearing 100th Episode Benchmark

Since the show’s premiere in July of 2005, Deer & Deer Hunting TV has established itself as an authority on everything the modern deer hunter could possibly want or need to know to be smarter and more successful. This year, the program will air its 100th episode — the benchmark of true excellence within...