Incredible Whitetail Deer Pictures: Coyotes Kill Buck

A Deer & Deer Hunting exclusive! More than 200 brutal whitetail deer pictures.

Incredible Whitetail Deer Pictures

Texas hunter Marlin Smith captured extraordinary whitetail deer pictures on his trail camera in Oklahoma.

When Marlin Smith placed his Moultrie trail camera on his hunting lease this summer, he was hoping to capture some stunning whitetail deer pictures. Those hopes were realized within the first week of the camera being in the woods, but in a gruesome way that Smith would have never imagined.

Documented in graphic detail was the grisly death scene of a record-class buck at the jaws of some blood-thirsty coyotes.

Smith, a northeast Texas resident, had placed his camera on his 4,800-acre lease in nearby Oklahoma. The property he hunts is owned by a large timber company. It is located in some foothills far removed from paved roads and county highways. This is the third year he has been hunting the property. But it is the first time he has ever seen brutal whitetail deer pictures like the ones in this series.

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